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Is your vehicle due for its next MOT? Then call the leading Bournemouth MOT testing company, as you can book your vehicle in up to one month before your current MOT certificate expires. Our MOT tests start from just £25 and are a legal requirement to ensure that your car is safe to drive and legally permitted on the road.

Our skilled and experienced team will test your car. They specialise in MOTs, repairs, and Bournemouth car servicing. We can offer you a competitive quote for the work needed to pass your MOT inspection if any issues arise. To get started, call Southbourne Motor Centre on 01202 431 450.

MOT Vehicle Testing, Bournemouth Residents Can Rely On

MOT tests are a legal requirement for any vehicle that’s three years or older and is not exempt from MOT inspections. An MOT must be performed once annually. Failure to present an up-to-date MOT certification will void your road tax and insurance and could result in criminal prosecution and seizure of your vehicle.

At Southbourne Motor Centre, we offer full MOT testing services at our garage that comply with the checklist approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Our MOT service ensures that your vehicle is checked from top to bottom, ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive and legal to be on the road. Every MOT service includes:

  • Comprehensive Inspection of the Car
  • MOT Repairs (if required)
  • Complete MOT Preparation
  • MOT Retests (if required)
  • And More

And when you book your MOT service today, it’ll cost you just £25!

We’ll report back following the test, notifying you of any issues we’ve discovered. Some issues will not fail your car but must be rectified before your next inspection. At the same time, other issues will merit an immediate failure.

If your car fails its MOT inspection, we’ll make all the necessary repairs. We’ll quote you for these repairs and give you the option to accept our quote or go elsewhere. However, we believe that our repair service is the most competitively priced around.

MOT Testing Bournemouth

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MOT, Auto Repairs, And Other Services We Offer

In addition to MOT testing, we at Southbourne Motor Centre offer a wide range of other services at our garage. These services include:

Car Servicing and Repairs

We’re one of the top car maintenance garages in Bournemouth. We’ll conduct a thorough servicing on your vehicle, exposing any underlying issues and correcting them before they develop into costly faults. We offer a complete car servicing package for just £45 + parts, which includes a tyre safety check.

We also carry out fast and effective repairs. If a fault requires immediate attention, bring your car to us. It could be a problem with the engine, tyres, suspension, brakes, etc. Our mechanics will investigate the problem, recommend the right solution, and perform the repairs quickly and effectively.

Brakes and Clutches

Your brakes and clutch are vital components for maintaining road safety and enabling you to operate your vehicle, respectively. If your brakes become worn, your vehicle will take longer to stop, making it unsafe to drive. And if your clutch is worn, you’ll find it much harder to operate your car.

Our team offers effective brakes and clutch repairs, professional brake servicing, clutch replacements, periodic diagnosis, and more. We’ll repair or replace your faulty brakes and clutch for a price that won’t break the bank.

Diagnostic Testing

If you’d like to fine-tune your engine’s performance or track down the cause of a fault with your engine, then you need diagnostic testing. We perform this service at our garage in Bournemouth for all makes and models of private and commercial vehicles. We’ll diagnose your car’s electronics and engine, ensuring no faults.

Our diagnostic service includes engine tuning, testing of the brakes and clutch, vehicle electrical testing, MOT testing, and more.

The team at Southbourne Motor Centre will ensure that your vehicle is in full running order. And a finely tuned engine will also be more fuel-efficient, saving you money.


If your car is making a loud roaring noise or a hissing sound, this is an indication that there may be an issue with your exhaust. Loud or hissing noises indicate that the silencer has corroded or been damaged. Here at Southbourne Motor Centre, we can repair and replace exhausts, getting you back on the road in no time.

Our professional team can provide exhaust repairs, replacements, sales & fitting, and we can handle domestic and commercial requests.

We’ll inspect your car’s exhaust to determine the cause of the problem. We’ll then recommend the right solution and quote you for the repairs. We’ll quote you for a replacement if the exhaust is beyond repair.

Cambelt Replacement

The cambelt is a vital piece of the engine comprised of sturdy composites, such as polyurethane and Kevlar. The cambelt has teeth designed to keep the camshaft and crankshaft in time. The cambelt controls the timing of your vehicle’s internal combustion engines, controlling the timing and sequence of when the valves to the cylinder open and close.

If this process is interrupted, this can cause your engine to stop working and even damage the engine. There’s no set rule on when to replace the camblet, but it’s recommended that your cambelt is checked every set number of years or miles. This could be between 40,000 and 100,000 miles or after four years or more.

Here at Southbourne Motor Centre, we can inspect your cambelt and replace it if required. We’ll ensure that your vehicle remains operational with a structured maintenance schedule tailored to your requirements and budget.

We offer a quick and efficient service that includes the following:

A timing belt (cambelt) is an important part of your engine, and its failure could result in serious damage to the engine. Make sure to get yours inspected regularly and replaced, if necessary, by calling our garage.

Fabrication and Welding

Lastly, if you need any fabrication of parts or welding carried out, contact our garage. We know how difficult it can be to source parts at times, especially for older vehicles. We can fabricate a wide range of parts at our workshop to fit a variety of car makes and models.

We offer professional fabrication of vehicle parts, complete car fabrication, dent removal and painting, fabrication work for commercial vans, car welding, vehicle part welding, and more.

Purchasing new parts for your car is not always the best option, as it can often prove costly. Vehicle parts are hard to find, especially rare ones, so sellers can charge what they want. Come to us instead, as we can fabricate the parts you need, and we possess the welding equipment necessary to carry out any work on the vehicle’s bodywork.

Why Come to Southbourne Motor Centre?

If you’ve made it this far and want to learn more about Southbourne Motor Centre, we encourage you to get in touch. We’re a garage with more than 30 years of experience providing vehicle repair and servicing services in Bournemouth. From engine repairs to MOT testing, vehicle servicing, and replacement tyres, there’s much that we can do.

We’re an independent, family-run business that’s garnered a stellar reputation for providing top-quality results at highly competitive rates. We’ve garnered a sizeable client base in our years of operation, with many vehicle owners referring our garage to their friends and family.

We possess the technical know-how to work on all makes and models of vehicles, so bring your car to us if you require assistance.


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So, if you’re looking to schedule MOT testing, Bournemouth customers should look no further than Southbourne Motor Centre. Book your MOT inspection from only £25 or come down to our MOT Garage in Bournemouth And if your car needs any work carried out, we offer fast and effective car servicing and repairs.We also provide the best Car Garage Bournemouth has to offer! With more than 3o years of experience to call on, we deliver a service that’s second to none.

If you would like to get in touch with our garage, Bournemouth customers need only call us on 01202 431 450. If you’d like to use a written method, fill out our online contact form or email, and a member of our team will reply as quickly as possible.